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Reveal your undiscovered potential
Ring of Light Bulbs

Journey Abuv - Brandon M. Cote

The Vision

Journey Abuv has a vision to elevate the way you think by building your emotional quotient, giving you access to mindset training material, and giving personal recommendations based on YOUR long term goals.

We don't only care about strengthening your mind, but also your overall health and the ability to reach your success. We are partnered with the best organic product supplies in the US offering you less artificial flavors than the competition giving you a better choice of snacks and food for your long term health. So "why" would a company care about offering healthy snacks, building people up, and focus on the best interest of others? In the 21st Century we have access to whatever we really want at our finger tips. That can either be a blessing or a curse. At Journey Abuv, we strive to provide POSITIVE resources to help you elevate above the society pressures. 

So what can we actually help YOU with (The below bullet points are in a specific order we recommend following for best results):

  • Personal Finance (No cost for budget consultation)

    • This is a deep dive into your personal finances and give recommendations and actionable steps to build a strong personal budget and better spending habits.​

  • Starting a company of your own (Business license costs apply)

    • We will teach you how to run, scale, and operate a business leveraging the same systems and platforms we've already found success in.​

  • Monitize your expertise

    • Once you develop a skill, people will want to know what you know. So why not get paid for it yourself?​

  • Tradition investments

    • This could be anything from Real Estate to Stock market investing. Once you have a pile of money, why not multiply it?​

  • Pursue your passion project(s)

    • Once you are financially wealthy, pursue your passions debt free with your existing cashflow.​

  • Give back

    • Start a non-profit, donate to charity, give your money away to those who need it more.​

If none of the above interests you, you can simply check out the PRODUCTS we provide, BECOME A CUSTOMER, or voice your support toward our mission.

Success Stories
  • "Helped me change careers and taught me how to negotiate a salary/raise"

  • "Helped give recommendations to pay off $60,000+ debts and personal economy"

  • "Helped me start my first company and learn success concepts that can be applied in all areas of life"

  • "Helped build stronger personal relationships with spouse and friends"

  • "Helped strengthen personal sprirituality, religion, and faith"

  • "Helped with weight loss and weight management"

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